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A security and risk management company in Indonesia. Waskitasena have a client-base including international agencies and the international corporate sector. Waskitasena offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers within various government services sector.

Waskitasena is today a diverse organization operating in Indonesia spread across 13,466 islands in a variety of service streams. We have grown a successful security service business in support of the extractives industry, focused initially on the Oil and Gas sectors. Waskitasena now provides a wide breadth of complimentary service streams including technology integration, advisory and intelligence, training, consultancy, strategic communications and protective services.

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Waktu: September 2014

Klien: PT Waskitasena Consulting Group

Jenis: Web Development

Alamat Web: waskitasena.com